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A lost file is not removed, just the location of data is changed and user cannot find it. Because of many reasons this situation can be made such as: deleting a file, power outage, software application crash, virus attack, partition problem and the famous accidental format. There are many options that you can use to recover the data but it depends on what has happened. And also the price is an important factor for data recovery process. If you want cheap data recovery there are some especial options for you and if you can pay more there are more and better options for you to choose from.

In this situation user can find the data but can not open it and when user can open it, the content of file appears to be a bunch of gibberish. In this case you can use the same option and principles of lost file and apply to corrupt files. By the way should use data recovery software.

Damaged File When you encounter with a damaged file, this file can be opened but cannot be read perfectly. In other words, some parts of text or picture are good and readable but the other parts are not normal and they are just a jumbled muddle. In this situation, you need a file repair utility to renovate your data. In some other cases, it may need to be reconstructed manually with a hex editor. You should be sure about the software because it should be able to repair a file. Don’t forget that file repair is different from file recovery.(ACR Data Recovery.2009)

Different types of data recovery systems Consider you have done the data assessments, now there are several different types of recovery systems that you can use to return your data as follow:
Bare Metal Recovery Bare Metal recovery system involves making a complete back up from the whole system including the operating system, software applications, and also the data. When you encounter with the event of data loss, this system allows you to retrieve the entire operating system in a single procedure, which can decrease the time of data recovery process by hours. Because by using this system you do not need to reinstall the operating system, software applications, and also you do not need to restore the data and settings.

Online Disk Backup This system is so ideal for data, which are changing every moment because online disk backup system can backup the data frequently. An online disk backup service also provides tiered recovery architecture that can provide more flexibility and alternatives with organizations, which require frequent critical data backup and intermittent backup for data that is not as critical. This system is also a time saver as well as money saver. When you choose this system you can be sure about it because of the reliable and enforce security policies and rules.

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